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Physical Address: Behind Skyway University Head Office

GMHD is an acronym standing for Grassroots Movement for Health and Development is a local Not for Profit, Non Governmental Organization for indigenous grassroots individuals and communities with an interest of improving health and development of the grassroots people in Malawi particularly women, girls, and children.

Why was GMHD formed?
The Movement was born in February 2007 by concerned individuals, groups and organizations concerned with deteriorating Sexual Reproductive Health and rights and increased poverty among marginalized grassroots people particularly women, girls and children in the rural areas.

GMHD was born to promote the socio-economic and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of marginalized people particularly women and girls as well as protecting the rights of children.

The Organization is registered with the Government of Malawi through the Trustees Incorporation Act 1962 as a Non Profit Making Organization GMHD was registered through the Ministry of Justice. Registration with Ministry of Justice was made on 20th March 2008. Registered to Council for Non Governmental Organization (CONGOMA) and NGO Board in 2013

“A healthy and developed society where women are recognized as equal partners in socio and economic development and children’s rights are promoted and protected’“.

The organization exists to promote women and children’s health through advocacy, provision of essential health and development services, grassroots community empowerment on health and development, research and coordination with the values of empathy, transparency and accountability

The objectives of the organization are;
-To strengthen grassroots initiatives for women’s and children’s health and development
-To strengthen grassroots initiatives for women’s and children’s health and development
-To advocate for provision of quality socio services that ensures fulfillment of  women and children’s rights
-To act as a mouth piece for the vulnerable women, girls and children
-To contribute towards prevention of HIV among women and children and mitigate AIDS impact in the rural and high density urban areas.

The following are the key program areas of focus for Grassroots Movement for Health and Development;

Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
The program aims at promoting women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. The program empowers women to have adequate information about their sexual reproductive health in order for them to make informed decisions about issues related to their sexual and reproductive health. The program advocate for effective SRHR policy development and implementation.  The program uses The Community Scorecard Approach in empowering communities to demand quality SRHR services in their communities.

Children’s rights Protection
The program empowers the communities to realize the vulnerability of children and make efforts in protecting and promoting their rights particularly in areas of health, education and participation.  Through this program, GMHD provide life skills to the children, conducts campaigns against child labour and advocate for change of policy and customs that promote early marriages among girls. The program facilitates formation of child rights/protection committees.

HIV prevention and AIDS mitigation
The HIV/AIDS program strengthens women support groups at community level through training and provision of IEC materials on prevention. The program provides support to women living with HIV by providing nutritional food supplements to boost their immunity. It provides business skills training to enable them engage in small scale businesses to sustain their livelihoods. It provides farm inputs to HIV positive women in rural areas for increased food production. The program prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to children through enhanced interventions on HIV prevention among HIV negative women by promoting abstinence and female condom use among HIV negative women as well as preventing unwanted pregnancies among HIV positive women.

It provides psycho social support to women and children living with HIV. The program provide supplementary food to Children
living with HIV and their siblings

Women economic empowerment program
The program empowers vulnerable women such as widows and HIV positive women through business management skills trainings and provision of seed money for Income Generating Activities (IGA’s) The program facilitates formation of women business groups where they are oriented on how to obtain loan facilities from money lending institutions.

Child Health and Development Support Program
The Child Health and Development Support Program provide support to children in schools by providing the needy children with food supplements, soap, clothing and uniforms. The project targets children who are poor, those living with HIV and those on HIV treatment.